7 tips for designing your bathroom

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7 tips for designing your bathroom

7 tips for designing your bathroom. Decorating a room from A to Z is a difficult task. So when it comes to a space like the bathroom, it’s essential to create a serene atmosphere that is both luxurious and comfortable.

1. create a mood board

When looking for bathroom ideas, you can create a mood board and add materials, fabrics and other objects that inspire a vision for the space.

Among the elements to add to the mood board of your bathroomThese include fabrics for bath towels or shower curtains, stones for floor and wall tiles, samples to inspire wall art and metals for faucets and knobs.

2. Tell a story with color

Move away from a sterile white bathroom by adding a little color. Whether it’s an accent wall or the entire room, paint is an affordable way to make a statement and tell a visual story.

Just be sure to use bathroom paint, or semi-gloss paint, to avoid mold and mildew. You can also play with the colors in the fabrics you choose, using colorful towels or bath mats for example.

3. Add mirrors

You can instantly make a small bathroom feel larger by adding a large mirror, which is an easy way to transform your space.

Mirrors can be placed on ceilings, on moldings, on walls – the applications are endless, and that’s exactly what a mirror does, it accentuates the space. You can also place a series of smaller mirrors for your bathroom design to achieve depth.

7 tips for designing your bathroom
7 tips for designing your bathroom

4. create a visual space

Add visual space to your bathroom by using furniture that has decorative, substantial or eye-catching legs, such as a clawfoot bathtub. The legs allow the eye to continue past the body of the furniture instead of stopping at the base, as is often the case with low furniture on legs.

5. Choose a durable work surface

Your bathroom countertop will take a lot of wear and tear. Choosing a sturdy material such as marble or granite is therefore a worthwhile investment.

Each piece of stone is unique, so try to visit the stone yard yourself to choose a piece that suits you. A beautiful piece of stone for your countertop can be balanced by more delicate legs if the space is smaller.

6. Optimize your space

Bathroom storage is essential, regardless of the size of your space. To make your small bathroom look bigger, maximize your storage space.

Take into account the size of your bathroom when decorating it and choosing furniture that allow you to maximize your storage space, such as medicine cabinets with mirrors to hide toiletries, vanities with extra storage space underneath, built-in shelves or floating shelves.

7. accessorize

Whether you’re splurging or digging into the bargain garbage can, accessories are a great way to personalize your space.

These can vary depending on your taste, such as fresh flowers and greenery (faux plants are great in bathrooms with little natural light), soap dispensers, towel racks, wall sconces or even a display wall for your bathroom walls.


7 tips for designing your bathroom
7 tips for designing your bathroom


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