Walnut wood: All you need to know

Tout ce que vous devez savoir sur le bois de noyer

Walnut is a popular exotic hardwood, prized for its strength, durability and rich, vibrant brown colors. The adaptability of walnut wood is among the top choices for furniture, such as formal office furniture and mid-century contemporary designs.

The walnut wood furniture is so impressive that it will never fall short of the mark. For furniture lovers, walnut wood is like a dream because it is easy to work with and finishes well.

Characteristics of walnut wood

✔ Stable and solid

✔ Durable, robust but not heavy

✔ Good impact resistance

✔ Easy to work with for carving and turning

✔ This wood glues and nails very well

✔ It has decent bending qualities

✔ Several unique colors

✔ Fine and fairly straight grain

Walnut wood grain pattern

Walnut wood has an excellent, straight grain with a slightly abrasive texture. It sometimes shows swelling or irregularities, including waves or curls. Bramble is created from the abnormal division of growth cells, allowing the tree to develop new branches as needed.

A burr in the grain of walnut wood is similar to a compact swirl pattern. Walnut features a grain pattern between the protruding oak and the uniform texture of maple.

Walnut wood: All you need to know
Walnut wood: All you need to know

Walnut wood colors

The colors of walnut wood differ depending on the part of the tree from which the wood comes. Sapwood is the outermost part of a tree. In a walnut tree, the sapwood colors range from yellow and gray to almost creamy white. The heartwood of any tree is the innermost part of a tree.

In a walnut, the heartwood moves to the bottom with bright colors. It includes a variety of light and dark browns with grays, reddish rays, purplish hues and dark streaks contained within.

Some secrets about walnut wood

Have you ever heard that cheerful wood gets darker with time? But walnut wood becomes lighter as it ages.

A bright honey color can pass. This color change is not as pronounced as the patina that develops in cherry wood. To make a musical instrument, walnut wood can be an excellent choice.

And this wood has been used in violin and guitars. In addition, walnut wood is also an excellent choice for steam bending.

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Walnut wood: All you need to know
Walnut wood: All you need to know
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