Designing the bedroom

Concevoir la chambre à coucher

Designing the bedroom

Bed evaluation

The layout of the bed is crucial in any consideration of bedroom design. So start with the proportions of the room, which is especially important when you are considering a limited space. important when you’re planning a limited space. It is not only a question of the available floor space, but also of whether it has difficulties in terms of general form and features such as alcoves, for example. He It is also important to know if it has sloping ceilings that do not impede circulation, otherwise If not, this must be taken into account when placing the bed.

The size of the bedroom is, of course, vital. The small rooms must allow the the space as well as the installation of the necessary furniture. Conversely, if the room is If the room is large, the furniture must be proportional to the space. Then the dimensions of the room, especially if it is small, will also influence choices such as decoration, flooring and window treatments.à

Consider the layout of the room

Start the design of your bedroom with the position of the bed, because it is the most important element of the room. In most rooms, the choice of location will be limited by fixed elements, such as openings, which the bed should not block. If you have the possibility, place the bed in front of the door when entering the room, putting the bed in the middle of the room. the element in value at first glance. It will become the focal point as soon as you enter the room, but also consider allowing a view of it if the window offers a better one. better view.

Thoughtful bed ideas will also have an impact – the design, the footprint, the width and height of the bed will all have an impact on the design of your room. Please visit Also, choose the best mattress for your sleeping needs. Think about whether there is room for nightstands on either side of a double bed and whether access to the bed is from both sides and the end. and that access to the bed is from both sides and the end.

In the small rooms However, the bed may need to be placed in a corner to create adequate circulation space. circulation space. If you don’t have a separate space for your dressing room ideas, storing clothes and shoes will take up a lot of space. A dressing table, a bench at the foot of the bed, one or several armchairs to create a sitting area, a TV console and other storage ideas for small rooms are also on your wish list, and meubleSGL will meet all your needs needs.

Thinking about bedroom furniture

The bed is the centerpiece of a bedroom design and must be adapted to the size of the room of its occupants and the room.Ideally, it should be 10 to 15 cm longer than the tallest sleeper and a couple should be able to lie down with hands behind their heads and elbows out without touching. If you’re looking for traditional bedroom ideas, metal or wood framed beds are the way to go. wood are the best addition to the room, while upholstered beds are a modern choice and soft to the touch.

Draw attention to a room with good height with a pillar bed or canopy. There are both traditional and modern options with us. In a small room, the clean lines of a modern bed can maximize space, avoid ornate or heavy frames that will be visually or physically imposing. Choose between a Freestanding closet or built-in closet for clothing storage. The latter may be preferable in awkwardly shaped rooms, those with sloping ceilings and in small bedrooms, as they are designed to fit the space. and insmall rooms, as they are designed to fit the space.

Creating the right lighting for the bedroom

The bedroom requires a lighting system that can be adapted to the different activities and to provide general lighting when daylight is not sufficient. Smart bedroom lighting ideas, such as pendant lamps or chandeliers are suitable for rooms with higher ceilings, while the light fixtures will be needed in those with low ceilings, and all can provide ambient lighting for the room. ambient lighting for the room.

Next to the bed, the table lamps introduce an additional lighting for reading, but for a small bedroom, opt for wall-mounted bedroom lighting ideas, such as wall sconces or hanging lamps might be preferable if a nightstand does not fit or if its surface is too small. Also, have a back-up light for the dressing table to make getting ready easier. A floor lamp, meanwhile, can be elegant in a living room corner, providing lighting for this area of the room. area of the room.

In a room with exposed beams and a vaulted ceiling, LED strips can light it up beautifully to highlight this feature, and they can also beautifully to highlight this feature, and they can also be used to highlight the be used as accent lighting above a fixed headboard. The lighting can also be incorporated into the woodwork, such as shelving, to highlight the items on display and give the room and give more atmosphere to the room.

Decide on the decoration of the room

When thinking about how to design a bedroom in terms of decoration, you need to consider its size and orientation, as well as your personal preferences. It’s essential to evoke an atmosphere of calm and relaxation for a sleeping space, but the best bedroom colors are soft whites, grays or other neutrals soft, with shades of blue and green, for example.

For small rooms, it is preferable to opt for light colors that seem to move away from the eye in order to visually enlarge the room. to visually enlarge the room, but you must also take into account the orientation of the room. the room.

In northern light, a light color with a gray or green base will look even cooler. colder. Opt for a yellow-based color for a sunny atmosphere; or if you want to feel cocooned, dark rooms are the way to go. feel cocooned, dark rooms are the way to go. Test paint colors under different light conditions before committing.

Consider a monochromatic color scheme for a bedroom, painting the walls, moldings and window frames in shades of the same color for a soothing, harmonious effect. harmonious effect.

Dress up bedroom windows

Bedroom window treatments need to strike the right balance. The degree The amount of privacy they should offer depends on the location of the room. As for the amount of light that they should block, it will be determined by whether you are happy to be awakened by daylight or by the by daylight or by the intrusion of streetlights in the room.

There are a variety of bedroom curtain ideas to choose from, depending on your needs and your style. If light blocking is crucial, look for window curtains in fabrics thicker or incorporate blackout liners in curtains or blinds. It is particularly important to ensure that curtains can be opened away from the window and the blinds can be raised above to maximize natural light, especially when windows are small or natural light is limited by the location of the house.

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