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The new SGL mural collection

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The new collection of SGL murals. You don’t have to be a big fan of decorating to love dressing up your walls. Indeed, wall decorations are full of resources for adding personality to your walls. SGL’s signature wood murals can beautify an interior and fill in walls that are a little too empty.

Discover SGL’s new wall art collection!

SGL offers a wide range of trendy custom-made wall decorations to suit every style.

To add a touch of originality to a plain wall, decorative wood murals and paintings are perfect. By playing on their size and shape, the different forms create harmony with a touch of exoticism. While adding style to your walls, ethnic wall decor always brings a little warmth to an interior.

Whether as headboards, living room decorations or outdoor hangers, murals are ideal. Thanks to its neutral and natural colors, its sharp braidings, they bring to an interior a bohemian, zen and soothing side.


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