Are the days of wooden slatted walls coming to an end?

Est-ce que l'époque des murs en lattes de bois est en train de se terminer?

Are the days of wooden slatted walls coming to an end?

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Solid wood slat joinery is built to last, but it comes at a price. In general, joinery costs between $30 and $80 per square foot, depending on the materials used and your location.

Pre-finished wood slat wall panels are made with real wood veneers (a real slice of wood glued to a solid backing). So you can enjoy the authentic look of wood on a budget.

Does louvered wood match your home’s style?

The ability of wood-slat walls to stand the test of time depends largely on how well they match the surrounding architectural style.

While they fit in perfectly with certain styles, such as 60s homes or traditional Scandinavian design, they may not suit other architectural genres.

For example, introducing wood-slat walls into a Victorian home could clash with existing design elements, diluting the overall aesthetic.

Wooden slatted walls are therefore more likely to remain in vogue if they are in harmony with the architectural style and period of the space.

Wise use: don’t overload your space

The way wood-slat walls are integrated into a design has a significant influence on their longevity.

Too much of any one design element can lead to saturation and diminish its appeal. Wooden slatted walls are no exception. When used with taste and moderation, they enhance the aesthetics of a space and create a focal point.

However, overuse can overwhelm occupants and visitors, reducing their appeal. It’s essential to strike a balance, ensuring that wood-slat walls are used thoughtfully and in harmony with the overall design scheme.

By doing so, their appeal will stand the test of time.


Wooden slat walls have seduced the design world with their unique charm. But the question remains: are they a passing trend or timeless?

Considering their history, choice of materials, contextual suitability and judicious use, we can confidently say that wood-slat walls have the potential to remain attractive over the long term.

When treated as a design element rooted in tradition and craftsmanship, using authentic wood materials and thoughtfully integrated into the surrounding context, wood slat walls will continue to appeal to homeowners and resonate with future generations.


Are the days of wooden slatted walls coming to an end?
Are the days of wooden slatted walls coming to an end?


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