Why recycle wood?

Pourquoi recycler le bois?

Why recycle wood?

Hi there, recycling fan like us! We all love giving new life to things we’d otherwise throw away, don’t we? And what could be better than recycling wood? Wood is solid, versatile and timeless.

So today, we’ve decided to share with you some of our favorite ideas for upcycling wood. Get ready to be inspired!

Why recycle wood? Well, by reusing wood in your DIY projects at home, you’re doing something good for the environment. Recycled wood is environmentally friendly, and it has a maturity that freshly cut wood doesn’t have.

That’s what makes it so durable, and ensures that your creations will serve you for years to come.

And then there’s the look of recycled wood, isn’t there? It has a rustic charm that no other material can match. It will give your home that warm, old Canadian farmhouse feel.

Where can I find recycled wood?

You can scour your local lumber yard or hardware store for pieces of wood no one else wants. If not, don’t hesitate to ask local businesses if they have pallets they no longer use. Sometimes you can even get them for free!

Now it’s time for ideas:

Floating shelves: With recycled wood, you can make superb floating shelves. They’ll be unique and add extra storage to any room.

Wooden beams: Recycled wood is perfect for creating strong, durable beams. Not to mention the rustic ambience they’ll bring to your decor!

A raised vegetable garden: If you want to give your garden a boost, why not make a raised vegetable garden from recycled wood? Not only do you give old wood a new lease on life, you also add a touch of originality to your outdoor space.

Why recycle wood?
Why recycle wood?


A barn door: Reclaimed wood barn doors are not only environmentally friendly, they also have a story to tell. Each door is unique, adding character to your home.

A farm table: A farm table made from recycled wood has a history and a patina that new wood doesn’t have. With a little care, your table could even become a family heirloom.

Stair treads: Reclaimed wood steps have timeless charm and are perfect for high-traffic areas. What’s more, they add character to any space.

A mantel: What fireplace would be complete without a mantel? Recycled wood is ideal for this. And then, at Christmas, you’ll have somewhere to hang your socks!

Wood flooring: Reclaimed wood flooring has a rustic, lived-in look that many homeowners love. What’s more, the wood can come from truly fascinating sources, such as old railroad tracks or century-old buildings.

Wooden walls: Reclaimed wood wall panels have a fascinating story to tell. We’re convinced there’s a place for a wooden wall in every home.

A coffee table: Recycling old furniture is becoming increasingly popular, not only for ecological reasons, but also to preserve history. Imagine yourself around a table with a rich history.

A wine rack: What better way to display your wine collection than in a recycled wooden wine rack? Like wine, wood ages beautifully.

Now you’ve got plenty of ideas for giving wood a second life. We hope we’ve inspired you and can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Why recycle wood?
Why recycle wood?


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