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Barn wood: A passion to cultivate…

Bois de grange
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Barn wood: A passion to cultivate…

Barn wood: A passion to cultivate. For all those who love the natural atmosphere, who want to create a chic decoration that differs from other space decorations and is at the same time trendy, SGL Furniture has the mission to offer you pieces of your heritage.

The advantage of barn wood

The advantage of barn wood is first of all its appearance. Often grayed, worn, with a patina that has a history, the finish it offers is unique. Impossible to recreate this old-fashioned side, with newer wood. The color shades can be impressive.

Beaten by different winds and weather, the four facades of the same barn may have differently stained and worn boards, so the textures will change. Another good thing about such wood is that it is so old that it no longer contains sap.

Therefore, no more insects will be tempted to lodge in it, and it is a wood that will not move anymore, SGL Furniture offers you trendy furniture, and guarantees you a better quality.


The craze for barn wood

The craze for barn wood continues unabated. Each board is unique and has a certain mysterious past. It is impossible to reproduce this effect with new wood since it is the weathering and the effect of time that stains and shapes the wood.

By incorporating this material into a decor, a rustic and warm look is achieved. We feel like we’re at the chalet! It is interesting both in a modern and more traditional atmosphere.

Unique and full of charm, old barn wood is today one of the most sought after products in the world. Its profoundly natural character makes it a material that fits perfectly into all styles of decor, from the most rustic to the most modern and sophisticated.

Warmth and charm that old wood

Few materials can enhance a room with as much warmth and charm as old wood. The authentic patina of old, weathered wood gives our products rich tones that subtly enhance a room’s decor and the look of a home.

The natural aging of our reclaimed wood enhances its raw appeal and old-world charm.

Our old oak and parquet floors are rare and unique products, made from reclaimed wood marked by the wear of time. The old wood, full of history, of these exceptional pieces will bring to your rooms an inimitable cachet and will match perfectly with a contemporary or traditional decoration.

To preserve the authenticity of our products, our wood is reworked to keep its original appearance. Indeed, at SGL Furniture we believe that the most beautiful pieces can stand on their own.

A simple old wood panel or a barn wood board can be transformed into sublime headboards, and a few pieces of old reclaimed wood can perfectly frame a mirror for a vintage and original look.

Meubles SGL offers exclusive product lines and original collections for all tastes and desires in a contemporary universe.

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