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Furniture from Quebec City. We like old things that have a soul and show the traces of a patina left by time and we don’t want to spend for things of bad quality or made in the chain, preferring to make them ourselves, by hand.

It is known,
SGL Furniture
is mainly known for its high quality furniture. SGL Furniture manufactures in Quebec
interior furniture
that carry the soul of nature: powerful and sensitive. we preserve the purity of the wood, we work it with respect, here, locally, without intermediaries.

SGL Furniture
offers you home furniture made here, by local people. furniture with a soul and an ethic. furniture made of wood made with respect for nature and the values we hold dear.

If you are looking for something different for your home, our beautiful collection of tables will meet your personal needs and style. Handcrafted from the finest woods, our tables will fit into almost any room in your home. Whether it’s an artfully placed coffee table, an office table for comfortable working, a dining room table for family meals or a bedroom table perfect for cozy nights in. Our tables can fit into any interior, but you can also create your own style with our custom tables.

Furniture made in Quebec has always been synonymous with quality

Reclaimed wood furniture is one of those things that creates warmth in your home, a warmth that new wood furniture can’t compete with. They are dotted with age-related ripples, such as old nail and bolt holes, which do not affect the quality of the furniture in any way, but help create character and individuality. Many people find that having reclaimed wood in their homes improves human well-being, as we all seek to get closer and closer to nature, working at a reclaimed wood desk is a great way to get closer to nature throughout your work day!

Quebec furniture makers transmit their passion for design, their concern for comfort and their commitment to sustainability through the production of quality furniture of which they are very proud.

In an eco-responsible approach we must offer our customers durable, quality and environmentally friendly furniture.

If you like a natural and authentic world, Quebec City furniture will suit you perfectly. In addition to bringing a touch of exoticism, they will dress your interior with elegance.

Furniture made in Quebec has always been synonymous with quality

Our mission is to make your visit to the store as pleasant as possible and to help you create the perfect personalized furniture perfect for your home. Whether you’re leaning toward classic, rustic or modern, you can count on us to deliver an experience as exceptional and unparalleled as your new furniture.

From contemporary to traditional, our furniture is offered in many styles, so there is something for everyone!

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