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Interior Design Trends 2023

Tendances de design d'intérieur 2023
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Today’s interior design trends are not only about our aesthetic preferences, they also reflect the way we live. Interior design trends often indicate a constant shift towards a new way of life.

In 2023, interior design trends will combine practicality with the satisfaction of the most demanding design enthusiasts.

Here are the hottest interior design trends for 2023

Well-being at the center of attention

Wellness is one of the biggest trends in interior design this year. An environment that promotes health and wellness plays an essential role in our quality of life.

Wellness-oriented design promotes relaxation, mindfulness and productivity, creating beautifully healthy spaces.

The return of Art Deco

Revisiting the styles of the past is a favorite of the design industry. As interiors move away from absolute minimalism, there is a renewed interest in more decorative styles such as Art Deco. Expect to see bright colors, geometric patterns and Art Deco-inspired symmetry.

User-friendly, entertainment-oriented seating

Socializing at home is growing, and the interior design trends of 2023 are encouraging the creation of unique layouts and seating. Conversation pits, circular seating and sofas with seats on both sides of the back encourage closeness and a friendly atmosphere for entertaining.

Enhancement of utility spaces

Locker rooms and laundry rooms are no longer neglected. Designers are now paying special attention to these spaces, ensuring that they blend harmoniously with the rest of the interior. The 2023 trends will bring a touch of style to every corner of the home, from entryways to utility spaces.

Maximization of natural light

Natural light plays an essential role in our well-being and mood. Current and future trends emphasize maximizing natural light in interiors, using large windows without heavy curtains, light tones and reflective surfaces.

This creates a bright and energizing environment.

Lime and plaster finish

The use of limewash and plaster gives the walls an earthy, organic feel that has a significant impact on the finish and ambiance of the room.

Both types of finishes can complement any interior design style, and they also blend perfectly with many other trendy interior design ideas for the year 2023.

Nature-inspired furniture for 2023

Nature has an increasing influence on many aspects of design. For example, the geographical location of a building, whether it is in the mountains or in an arid environment, plays an increasingly important role in its interior.

Artisans and designers are increasingly inclined to use local and environmentally friendly materials, and they also draw inspiration from their surroundings to create their designs. à

As a result, color palettes, architecture and even furniture trends for 2023 will increasingly reflect their natural surroundings.

Local products will have an impact on the appearance of furniture, decoration and interiors. For example, in a snowy environment, it will be easier to find materials such as wool, sheepskin and wood.

However, these materials will be less accessible in tropical regions. In addition, some materials, such as stone and fabrics, will naturally be more abundant in some areas than in others.

Therefore, when people source locally and respect their natural environment, it is also reflected inside their homes.

Room layout that promotes a positive atmosphere

The layout of a room can make all the difference. Whether it’s a small or large room, smooth circulation is essential to creating a positive atmosphere. That’s why it’s crucial to rethink the layout of the room.

The less clutter the better, but that doesn’t necessarily mean minimalist style. On the contrary, a greater distance between the different zones and a fluid circulation will be favored.

A favorable layout is one of many interior design trends for 2023 influenced by Eastern principles such as Feng Shui, wabi-sabi, ikigai and Japanese aesthetics. Moreover, ecological practices also originate in Asia.

Reuse and purity in interior design

The recovery and reuse of existing elements play an essential role in the form of the design. Therefore, clean and natural lines will prevail over more complex alternatives. Being selective in the choice of furniture and its shapes will also help to highlight the structural details of an interior.

Interior design trends are certainly at a balance, with some leaning towards a more pronounced decoration while others favor a clean aesthetic.

New color combinations

Interior design trends for 2023 encourage the use of organic tones as well as bold and exciting color combinations. Expect the unexpected, with unique color combinations that create inspiring spaces.

For example, upholstered furniture in vibrant jewel tones can be paired with earthy wall colors for a surprising balance.

Back to black with rich details

As spaces become more personalized and rich in character, we are encouraged to take advantage of all that design has to offer. The gothic style is one of these tempting avenues.

It is undeniably dramatic, but it is also richly layered and fascinating. Plus, the gothic style offers more than just dark, black hues. Cascading curtains, arched mirrors, carvings and lavish chandeliers are common features.

With a contemporary touch, such interiors can be both memorable and enjoyable to live in. The advantage is that you can add as much or as little drama as you like.

Either way, this interior design trend for 2023 will have an undeniable impact.

Nostalgic vintage furniture and decor

Interior design has the ability to create different atmospheres or recreate period atmospheres, evoking nostalgia. Vintage furniture plays a key role, with iconic pieces from the 60s and 70s still popular.

This 2023 decorating and furniture trend also encourages reuse. Antiques and vintage items can bring a pleasant and quaint atmosphere.


Interior Design Trends 2023


Exciting accessories

Get ready for some exciting props and a touch of the surreal! It’s time to showcase the art and decor that resonates with you in a more intense way.

Items can take on a sculptural form, be painted, or have multiple functions, as interior design trends for 2023 are all about making sense of interiors.

Each piece should have a purpose and make you happy. Surrealism also brings a new dimension to decorating by bringing in unexpected elements, real conversation starters!

Paper and fabric lighting

Lighting design is getting bolder and more experimental every year. This is one aspect of interior design that will continue to evolve beyond the trends of 2023.

This time around, lampshades are being reinvented with fabric and paper covers taking center stage. Not only aesthetic, these shades are also environmentally friendly!

The appreciation of perfect imperfections

When it comes to interior design trends in 2023, organic, handmade and local concepts are predominant. This results in unique and aesthetically inimitable pieces. Raw, yet refined quality is what awaits us in the future of decor.

The exquisite craftsmanship and detailing will give the decorative elements and furniture a unique character, making them coveted and fashionable.

Focus on sustainable materials

Sustainability, recycling and ethics are hot topics in all aspects of life, and the interior design trends for 2023 are following this path.

Each year we learn more about sustainable practices and what is good for the planet. As a result, fashionable interiors take on a different look and feel than in the past.

We will see an increase in environmentally friendly materials and organic surfaces in future designs, whether in residential or commercial settings.

These trends encompass all aspects of furniture and decor for the year 2023.

What is outdated? 5 obsolete interior design trends

Some trends are losing their appeal. Here’s everything you need to know about outdated home decor and interior design trends that are hurting your space.

Bunk beds

The once popular bunk beds with fully dressed bedspreads and pillows are becoming obsolete. Not only are they impractical, but they are also out of step with current trends that focus on meaningful spaces. Today, a more minimalist approach to bedding is preferred.

Poor quality and disposable furniture

Inexpensive, mass-produced furniture that is only kept for one or two seasons is losing popularity. Just like fast fashion, this furniture has a short lifespan because it is not designed to be durable.

In addition, plastic alternatives quickly become obsolete and are often not recyclable or reusable. Opting for vintage furniture and reuse is a sure way to avoid these outdated decorating trends.

Open concept provisions

It may seem surprising, but open interiors are outdated compared to divided spaces. Since the time of the pandemic, people have felt the need to have separate spaces, whether to gather or to take time for themselves.

However, this does not mean that open concepts are completely eliminated. Instead, areas should be distinctly delineated with shelves, room dividers and carpeting.

TV-centric trade shows

We are seeing more and more interiors where televisions and multimedia devices are hidden away. Smart screens turn into works of art when the TV is not in use. Trendy lounges are refocusing on their primary function: creating a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

Purely decorative objects

Purely decorative elements are certainly among the outdated trends in interior design. With the trend towards creating functional spaces, these items simply don’t belong in a home.

In addition, they often end up cluttering the design. This includes trinkets, glassware, fake books and more.

Give your home a fresh look with interior design trends for 2023

It’s one thing to admire upcoming trends, but it’s just as important to incorporate them consistently.


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