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10 reasons to choose reclaimed barn wood

10 raisons de choisir le bois de grange récupéré
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10 reasons to choose reclaimed barn wood

Reclaimed barn wood has grown in popularity in recent years, not only in rural homes, but also in high-end urban apartments.

Whether you live in the country or the city, you will be enchanted by the uniqueness and charm of reclaimed wood. Let’s take a look at ten reasons why you should choose reclaimed barn wood for your home, office, vacation spot or other setting.

1. unique character

Each piece of reclaimed barn wood is unique, but all have a weathered beauty that gives them character and draws the eye. Reclaimed wood pieces often have unique and interesting character marks that enhance their visual appeal.

Exposed to the elements for years, even decades, barn wood develops a beautiful gray patina that blends perfectly with rustic and contemporary decors.

As it ages, the reclaimed wood gains in beauty. It is impossible to reproduce this ageless distinction using modern production methods.

The only way to incorporate authentic, rustic character into a modern home, apartment or condo is to purchase reclaimed barn wood from a local farm or a supplier who specializes in sourcing high quality barn wood.

2. environmental management

Wood is considered a renewable resource, but modern forestry practices are not always sustainable. The use of reclaimed barn wood reduces the demand for new wood, thus contributing to the preservation of forests.

Environmentally conscious homeowners don’t have to feel guilty about destroying animals’ natural habitats to add a touch of natural beauty to their homes.

By choosing reclaimed barn wood, they are helping to preserve the natural forest ecosystems on which all living creatures, including humans, depend.

Environmental degradation is not the only problem associated with the use of modern wood. The transportation and processing of felled trees also consumes a significant amount of energy.

Using reclaimed wood can reduce energy consumption by up to 13 times, preserving natural resources and protecting the environment we all depend on for our survival.

3. a solid and durable option for your projects

When it comes to choosing wood for your construction projects, reclaimed wood from past eras has definite advantages over wood cut and manufactured over the past few centuries.

Builders and owners selected the strongest, most stable and durable pieces of wood at the time, which means that only the best specimens have survived to the present day.

Ancient barns were originally built from virgin wood that had grown and matured over hundreds of years, long before the industrial revolution generated air pollution. These optimal growing conditions are part of the reason for the unique strength, longevity and sound of reclaimed wood.

4. a passion for history

Each piece of reclaimed wood has its own unique story. Some are from family farms looking to modernize their facilities, while others are from century-old farms.

Buying reclaimed wood allows you to preserve your connection to the past and indulge your passion for history, while protecting natural forest ecosystems from future degradation.

10 reasons to choose reclaimed barn wood
10 reasons to choose reclaimed barn wood


5. Wider boards

Some pieces, such as fireplaces and deep shelves, require wide boards that can only come from old growth trees. Newly harvested wood is simply not available in the widths associated with reclaimed wood from old barns.

Homeowners can find incredibly large pieces of reclaimed wood, reaching widths of up to two feet and lengths of 40 feet or more.

The high demand for wide boards makes it easy to source large pieces from reputable suppliers who know the local farmers and can find high quality wood.

Those who have difficulty finding a trustworthy local supplier may face long wait times and high prices, especially if they live far from rural areas where reclaimed wood is typically found.

6. stability and longevity

Older wood offers superior dimensional stability and longevity compared to recently harvested boards. Trees cut after many centuries have been exposed to extreme weather and climate changes over long periods of time, leading to the formation of denser and more stable wood.

This is especially relevant for homeowners who wish to install reclaimed wood floors.

Even after being cut, the salvaged wood continues to shrink and expand due to temperature and moisture variations, and has probably been exposed to some weathering.

This makes it better able to withstand the wear and tear of modern life, whether for flooring, furniture, mantels or other architectural elements.

7. a good investment

Another practical advantage of reclaimed wood is its value. If obtained responsibly and properly finished, reclaimed wood retains its value very well. Once installed in a modern home, it offers an excellent return on investment.

Its ability to stand the test of time means that in a few decades, this rare ancient wood will be worth even more.

On the other hand, recently cut wood loses its value over time. It doesn’t age as well or have the same unique character as authentic reclaimed wood.

Homeowners who plan to pass their property on to their heirs can be assured that future generations will continue to enjoy the unique aesthetic beauty of the reclaimed wood furniture, architectural features and continued appreciation of their heritage.

8. reuse of precious wood

No responsible consumer or contractor would buy rare, fresh exotic wood for a home renovation project. Not only would this be environmentally irresponsible, it is also illegal.

However, purchasing rare reclaimed wood is a perfectly acceptable and environmentally friendly option for adding value to any property.

Nowadays, rare wood is increasingly difficult to find. At a time when most of America was covered with virgin forests, even rare woods were readily available and more affordable.

Because the value of quality wood comes not only from its rarity, but also from its effectiveness as a building material, many buildings built with rare woods are still standing today and more and more are being demolished and refurbished each year.

Modern consumers are willing to pay a higher price for this wood compared to its original owners, but many feel that this investment is worth it.


10 reasons to choose reclaimed barn wood
Reclaimed barn wood


9. each piece is unique

Reclaimed wood derives its uniqueness not only from the aging process, but also from the fact that many historic barns were built before, during, or shortly after the Industrial Revolution.

The wood used in their construction was not mass-produced. In some cases, it was even cut and processed by hand.

Many pieces of reclaimed wood exhibit visually interesting surface textures, knots and irregularities in the wood grain that are largely absent from mass-produced wood.

The originality of reclaimed wood is further enhanced when consumers purchase individual pieces and create custom shelving, mantles, paneling, countertops, cabinets and other furniture or architectural elements.

10.give new life to old wood

If modern homeowners were not interested in reclaimed wood, this valuable, beautiful and unique wood would be doomed to rot. The use of reclaimed wood for architectural elements, flooring and furniture gives it new life while simultaneously adding to the visual appeal of almost any modern home.

This is especially true for distressed wood, which is popular among homeowners who want to create rustic interiors with an authentic, eye-catching pattern. Aged wood furniture, if finished and maintained properly, can last for centuries, so don’t be put off by its name.

If you’re looking for high-quality distressed reclaimed wood for furniture, accent walls or other non-structural elements, ask suppliers if they have it in stock.

In conclusion, each homeowner has their own reasons for considering reclaimed wood as a building material.

Whether you’re looking for high-quality, structurally sound wood to frame a rustic cabin, wide planks for deep shelving, or distressed wood to create artwork or unique furniture and vintage, it is recommended that you look for a reputable supplier in your area who sources wood from local farms.

Ultimately, there are many reasons to choose reclaimed wood. This is the best way to integrate a unique piece of history into a modern home.Thanks for reading! We hope this article has helped you!

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