Stephan L’Hébreux founder of Meubles SGL

Stephan L'Hébreux fondateur de Meubles SGL

Stephan L’Hébreux founder of Meubles SGL

From humble origins, Stephan L’Hébreux grew up in Saint-David-de-Lévis, on the banks of the Little Red River, surrounded by Quebec’s renowned beauty. The eldest of a close-knit family of three children, he spent a beautiful childhood climbing the cliffs along the river, building tree houses and exploring, discovering.

Her bohemian heart is in communion with a born entrepreneurial spirit. He joined his father in the family business, and then ran his own communications/marketing company for 20 years. Wishing to take on new challenges, he nevertheless decided to take a new direction in 2012.

A caring father, he knew how to surround his children with affection, while teaching them the deep bond that unites us with our environment and the respect that we owe it. In turn, he collected all kinds of animals: ducks, guinea fowl, quails, pigs, wild boars, chickens, wild turkeys and goats, his favorites.

The children understood early on the special relationship we must have with other living beings.

With his contagious good humor, Stephan has the gift of making the most depressed of listeners smile, but also making those who have an easy laugh cry. Cheerful, warm and always a craftsman at heart, he started to do “rustic” crafts for fun.

This hobby has quickly turned into a real passion… which is appreciated and encouraged by an ever-growing clientele.

A little history

His respectful approach to tradition and nature allows him to give a second life to recycled materials all around us. What’s more, he has been actively searching for barn wood to fuel his shifting creativity.

Her boundless imagination allows her to satisfy the hairdresser, the wine collector and connoisseur, the cook, the modern couple with a passion for fashion and the active family.

His latest creations, in complicity with local artists, allow him to enter our homes through decoration: metallic hunting trophies, flights of wild geese and ambient lighting, to name a few.

Stephan’s characteristic is his unlimited compassion for his fellow man. Human misery touches him enormously and he would like so much to be able to relieve it; but even more, to encourage all those who suffer.

He participates in contests where a “light of hope” will be given to a proud fighter in the face of adversity, always with a view to bringing support and hope in a particularly difficult situation.

It is his way of “giving back” and sharing his great affection. He owes this character trait to his father who, several times a year, set an example for them by accompanying him to the hospital to visit the sick and taught him that today, all around us, there are people who suffer.

Personally, Stephan is very involved in his community, often volunteering for the soup kitchen and regularly helping out at the local mutual aid service. At the same time, he financially supports humanitarian causes through the sales of one of his books.

As the founding owner of SGL Furniture, he strives to touch lives and fill needs. Eager to meet your expectations, he is committed to designing personalized furniture and decoration, always to your specifications.

If necessary, he will do his utmost to find the necessary resources to bring originality and comfort to your interior, using his numerous contacts among Quebec artisans.

Its slogan… Life is a Sharing to grow together!

SGL Furniture... beyond your expectations.

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