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The return flight

Le vol de retour
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The return flight

My dreamy look, follows the bad weather which follows one another, by the window. The rain turns into hail and ends in snow. Ice storms are scaring drivers and school boards.

While the Snowbirds come back from the South all tanned, the sun worshippers take a week of heat in a Cuban resort. The thermometer may be close to positive, but the grey sky keeps my mood ambivalent.

April is well underway, the piles of dirty snow are still present. And the people I meet seem to experience the same apathy as I do. Although I know that the sun exists, its absence prevents me from rejoicing.

The bustards are back!

It is then that I see on the cloudy bottom, the familiar V of the Bustards which return to the house.

It is here that they will make their nest and establish their family. That’s it, a smile appears on my lips, spring has really arrived, the birds are back!

These birds are courageously facing the winter after-effects I was complaining about a few moments ago. With strength and perseverance, they know that the sun will keep its promise and come closer to us, regardless of appearances.

This methodical training expresses the hope of better days. When I see them in the frozen fields, my heart warms.

They manage to find food, a few forgotten grains of culture, between the remnants of snow that lick the edges.

What a beautiful time of renewal. Life returns with the return of warmth, I enjoy rediscovering the signs of this beautiful season.

A Quebec artisan expressed it well: Stéphane L’Hébreux of SGL furniture. He created a mural of recycled barn wood on which painted iron geese are starting their way back.

It is a beautiful expression of hope for better days, a daily inspiration for a life that does not always seem easy. I bought one so that in my living room, I can always find a smile, no matter how bad the weather is outside.

SGL Furniture... Where hope returns!

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