The black bear of Quebec

L’ours noir du Québec

The black bear of Quebec

What an impressive and majestic beast the bear is. Symbol of power and strength, we imagine him standing on his front paws, asserting his sovereignty in our woods and forests with a powerful growl.

The female may want to protect her cubs by growling; while the male is capable of charging a human being in defense if he feels trapped or in danger. But in reality, the bear is rather calm and fearful by nature and prefers to stay away from humans whom he fears.

I was able to recreate this feeling in my handcrafted barn wood mural, revealed by his nonchalant and gentle demeanor and slow gait. But my research is much deeper.

Did you know that?

Bears live in Quebec and have always occupied our forests. We are diminishing their living space through our urban sprawl but also by expanding our road network, fracturing their natural habitat.

A male bear occupies 20 to 100 square kilometers, covering the territory of several females. The bear is an omnivore and eats 75% of plants. It is of the opportunistic type and prefers insects, larvae, fish and carrion to hunting small mammals.

That’s why it can be seen prowling near a camp or garbage cans near residential areas. Sometimes, he will approach the garbage or the remains of victuals left behind.

As it can spend from 4 to 7 months in hibernation in its cache, it seeks most of its time for food to increase its fat mass. When hibernating, the bear alternates between deep sleep and light wakefulness, i.e. in a state of drowsiness, which allows it to react to an attack by another animal.

In this numb state, the body temperature and heart rate decrease, using stored fat. The bear can lose 30% of its weight during this period.

Sitting in her cache, it is also in January that the female bear gives birth to her cubs, from one to three per litter, and nurses them. The bear will keep them close to her for almost 18 months.

A beautiful animal

Considered a magnificent animal, the bear has long been hunted for its rich lustrous fur but also for its meat and claws.

The natives considered it an exceptional animal and did not dare to pronounce its name. They asked for forgiveness before killing it and made a necklace with its claws, used as a hunting trophy and good luck charm.

And don’t we all want to be warm and cozy in our homes when the temperature drops as fall sets in?

During the colder months, we like to lie on the couch in front of the TV, surrounded by comforting objects. Sometimes we even feel like redecorating, to make our home even warmer.

Local artisans offer a thousand and one opportunities to participate in local economic development. Why not follow the example of the bear and buy locally or in Quebec?

It is possible to improve our home (cache), to make it more attractive, comfortable and welcoming by purchasing a mural from SGL Furniture, which illustrates with steel and recycled barn wood the calm and nonchalance of this noble animal, which is part of our Quebec territory.

Relevant information on the American black bear found on and

SGL Furniture, discovering our territory…

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