Tips for designing your dining room

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Tips for designing your dining room

The dining room is a living room in its own right. It is not only a place where people gather to eat, but it can also be a workroom, a reading room or a rest room.

We also receive a lot of guests and this room must be functional, friendly and aesthetic so that everyone can feel good.

With this in mind, how should a dining room be designed? We suggest some original ideas.


In general, it’s best to place the table in the center of the room. However, if you want to integrate it into the living room area, you can opt for an open plan. Place the dining area in a corner and choose the shape that suits you best.

Tips for designing your dining room
Tips for designing your dining room

Furniture Dining table

When furnishing your dining room, the first thing to do is choose a table that is well proportioned to the size of the room. You should also consider the number of people who will be seated. If your space is rather small, opt for a round table to save space.

Choose a table with a diameter of no more than 50 inches, to facilitate conversations between table members. However, if you want to have room for eight people, a rectangular or oval table will work best.


The choice of chairs should be proportional to the height of the table. Remember to choose a chair that is comfortable enough for a two-hour meal. To avoid making your room look cluttered, keep a space of about one meter behind your chairs.

This leaves room for you and your guests to get up and down from the table.


Wall colors

If you want to spice up your dining area, don’t hesitate to opt for a wild color on the walls. This will instantly make your space come alive. In general, a dining room should have warm colors on the walls, such as a deep, rich rust or a dark green or blue.

You can also match a patterned wallpaper to the wallpaper of your choice. However, if you prefer a simple neutral color on the walls, then you can add colored elements elsewhere.

This can be in a painting for example or from other accessories like carpet or cushions.


Tips for designing your dining room
Tips for designing your dining room

Accessories and floral arrangements

If you’re a flower lover, this is your chance to make a statement and add flowers to your dining room. A well-designed centerpiece can add a special essence to your dining room and enhance your mood.


Define with a mat

In an open reception area, you will need to define the dining room space. The addition of a carpet can do the job perfectly. You can be creative with the patterns and textures you wish to mix with your furniture.

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