Why choose a kitchen with wooden furniture?

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The kitchen, a room with many uses

Why choose a kitchen with Quebec wood furniture? Over the years, the kitchen has evolved as a room in the home. In the past, it was used for cooking breakfast and dinner, but today it’s transformed into a real place that brings every member of the family together.

We like to have breakfast with the kids, chat with a friend over a coffee or exchange a moment with our other half while trying a new recipe.

The kitchen is an essential part of your home: you can eat in it by setting up a dining area, or cook while chatting with your guests if it’s open-plan. That’s why it’s important to choose your kitchen furniture carefully.

Timeless, warm, natural, it is an option that has everything to please. If the wooden kitchen is one of the current trends in decoration, adopting it is to bring conviviality in this room where you spend a lot of time. The wooden kitchen has many advantages.

The wooden kitchen has the advantage of associating with all colors, you can bring color with furniture, accessories or dishes.

Soft, authentic, elegant and natural, we cherish wood for its refined lines. However, in addition to the grace and distinction it conveys, wood can also be more robust than it appears.

Indeed, the wood of Quebec, its layout or its associations, it can bring character to a room. The wood recalls the concept of fireplace and hearth. It allows you to create comfortable kitchens with only one material. To help you, be inspired by our achievements to share your projects with us.

Quebec wood has the power to give depth and warmth to the room in which it is used. It’s no wonder that those who appreciate this material adopt it in the kitchen. The wooden kitchen countertop, whatever its style and shape, represents a very attractive structure.


Why choose a kitchen with wooden furniture?
Why choose a kitchen with wooden furniture?

Here are five (5) good reasons to adopt the wood kitchen countertop:

  • Versatile

The wooden kitchen countertop adapts to all styles of decoration. It blends very well with other structures made of different materials. So whether your home is traditional, transitional or modern, you can be sure that the wood countertop will work for it.

  • Limits noise and brings a warm touch

Drop a pan on a steel countertop and a wooden one and you’ll see the difference. Wooden surfaces limit the noise that can be unpleasant in the kitchen area. Apart from that, we all know that wood is one of the “warmest” materials.

  • Helps preserve the environment

SGL’s wood countertops are made from reclaimed wood. Many are recyclable.

  • Particularly practical

All preparations inside your cooking space can be done on the wooden countertop. You can even have your breakfast there. The blades of your knives will last longer if you cut your food on a wooden countertop than if you use one made of granite or stone for example. Apart from that, the wooden countertop is perfectly resistant to acidic liquids, unlike those made of other materials.

  • Economic

Wood is easy to cut, work and install. This is probably the reason why countertops made of wood are among the affordable models compared to others.


Why choose a kitchen with Quebec City wood furniture?
Why choose a kitchen with Quebec City wood furniture?


The kitchen is the centerpiece of your home and is much more than just a space where you prepare good food. It has become a friendly place where people like to spend time and share pleasant moments with their families.

Meubles SGL offers a wide range of wooden kitchen furniture in Quebec, design and durable, to fit your kitchen according to your desires and needs.

Create your own kitchen with our collection of kitchen furniture. You will find kitchen furniture made of recycled Quebec wood. The Quebec wood will suit an interior style “country chic”.

This furniture is robust and aesthetic. Our recycled wood references have a very charming aged look. They are generally associated with a natural plateau.

Wood adapts to any environment:

Like a chameleon, the kitchen with wooden furniture is known to adapt to all moods: Scandinavian, industrial, shabby chic or vintage.

Be inspired by our achievements!

Wood is used in a number of decorative accessories: a white stool, a small sideboard and storage shelves. Or on the furniture and the façade.

A log console table, funeral urns, shelves and beams, storage cabinet.log console table, funeral urns, shelves and beams, storage cabinet.

Thanks for reading! We hope this article has helped you!

To learn more about our products, contact us at 581-990-3635 or by email at kassandra@meublessgl.com, it will be our pleasure to advise you and especially to create your project.

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