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7 unique uses for barn wood

7 utilisations uniques du bois de grange dans votre maison
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7 unique uses for barn wood

With the recent trend towards barn wood, there are many well-known uses, including barn doors, flooring, mantles and more.

While there are many common uses for barn wood, there are many things you can incorporate barn wood into to create more unique pieces for your home.

These statement pieces will really add to your home and create a rustic feel without having to completely redesign the room. Take a look at the seven unique uses of barn wood we’ve come up with for you.

1. Kitchen backsplash

Adding a barn wood backsplash to your kitchen will turn heads. Barn wood is the perfect natural, textured contrast to a hard, smooth countertop. There are many ways to arrange barn wood as a backsplash, ranging from herringbone patterns to a long plank look.

No matter what style you choose, a barn wood kitchen backsplash will definitely give your home a unique look.


Mirror the king of the forests.
Mirror the king of the forests.

2. Mirrors

Creating a barnwood border around a mirror can add a lot to a room. Whether adding it to an elegant bathroom or hanging it in a rustic basement, it is sure to add texture and the perfect finishing touch to any room in your home.


3. Benches

No need to spend a fortune on farmhouse style furniture, barn wood is fine enough to build an elegant dining bench.The simple barn wood style bench is a perfect and very versatile piece of furniture for any interior.

The bench made of barn wood is also perfect for a checkroom, an entrance or a porch. It is solid and sturdy, ready for years of use. SGL Signature benches are made of barn wood from Quebec-Canada.

4. Bathroom furniture

When you think of bathroom furniture, you probably imagine normal chain furniture and ceramic sink. But what about barn wood as furniture for your bathroom?

Although it may be hard to imagine, using barn wood as furniture in your bathroom can add a very clean and natural look that completely surpasses typical bathroom design.

5. Interior walls

Adding a barnwood accent wall to your room is a simple way to give your entire room a facelift on a budget and without having to redo the entire space.

Adding a barn wood accent wall will give your room a touch of texture and a cozy, warm feel. Adding this accent wall will add the contrast you are looking for while being sure not to overdo it.

6. Ceilings

If your living space looks a little bare but you’re not sure what’s missing, consider installing a barn wood ceiling from Signature SGL. The ceiling of a room is often the most overlooked space, but it shouldn’t be.

Adding barn wood to ceilings can completely change the look of a room while remaining affordable.

7. Kitchen island

If you’re looking for an intimate yet elegant piece to complete the look of your kitchen, barnwood islands are a great option. They remain practical while adding a unique, rustic aesthetic to your kitchen.

Island Version Modern Contemporary Rustic
Island Version Modern Contemporary Rustic

If your kitchen lacks a stylish look, adding a barnwood island to the space will act as a striking centerpiece to the heart of the home.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your home without breaking your budget, check out these seven unique ways to incorporate barn wood into your home. Signature SGL offers 100% quality barn wood from Quebec.

From custom barn doors to flooring installation, we offer a number of services and also have a wide variety of reclaimed wood inventory options.

If you have any questions about barn wood or questions about the uses of barn wood, please feel free to contact us here.

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7 unique uses for barn wood
7 unique uses for barn wood


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