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How to protect your barn wood

Comment protéger votre bois de grange tout en conservant son aspect rustique
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How to protect your barn wood

Once you have a beautiful piece of SGL signature rustic furniture made from Quebec barn wood, it is necessary to take all the necessary measures to keep its rustic look.

After all, you’ve probably spent a significant amount of money, or time, on it. You will certainly want to do your best to maintain it and keep it in the best condition possible. Fortunately, it’s not that difficult! In fact, it’s mostly common sense.

Protect your barn wood by frequently removing dust and water

Remove dust and dirt from rustic barn furniture frequently; their accumulation is bad for the proper maintenance of the wood.

We recommend wiping with a soft cloth, dusting and vacuuming around at least once a week. Immediately clean up any food or water that comes into contact with barn wood.

Oils from food cause stains on wood and liquid will warp and discolor it, so make sure you have a good supply of coasters on hand whenever guests arrive.

Also, don’t let hot dishes come in contact with the furniture. This will lead to further damage, so use heating pads when the time comes.


Use natural cleaners to preserve barn wood

When cleaning your Quebec barn wood furniture, use natural cleaners and stay away from chemical cleaners as they will damage your barn wood and leave residues that will cause dust to stick to the table.

Cleaners containing ammonia should be especially avoided as they will completely damage the barn wood when used.

Water and vinegar can be combined to be used as a natural cleaner if you have trouble finding one. There are many other natural cleaning ingredients to choose from when making your own.

Feel free to experiment and see what works best! Make sure when you do this that you avoid any chemical cleaners.

Place your rustic barn furniture in shaded areas

Keep your SGL barn furniture out of the sun and do not place it in sunny areas where it will be hit by direct sunlight and UV rays.

The direct sunlight constantly hitting the furniture will slowly change the texture with the color, shade and patina of the barn wood.

This causes the wood to slowly fade, losing its character and integrity. In addition, the heat from direct sunlight will dry out the barn wood, cracking the furniture.

Keep your furniture out of direct sunlight at all costs! Use blinds and curtains to block the sun’s rays.

Don’t place rustic barn furniture outside either; if you must have it outside, have it only in well-shaded areas. However, this is still not recommended.


How to protect your barn wood
How to protect your barn wood

Place rustic barn furniture in an optimal damp room

If you are purchasing barn wood furniture from SGL Signature, you need to be aware of the humidity and dryness of the room you are placing this beautiful furniture in. Hot, dry rooms will cause the barn wood to crack.

Damp rooms will expand the wood and deteriorate it. Barn wood does best at moderate temperatures of about 70 to 72 degrees with a humidity of about 50%.

Stay aware of this, especially as the seasons change. During wet seasons, such as spring and summer, choose to have a dehumidifier ready in case the house gets too humid.

During the dry seasons, fall and winter, use a humidifier to keep the room at optimal humidity levels. It is best to have humidity levels of about 6-8% inside.

Cleaning your furniture shouldn’t be complicated, but if you want to maintain the character and integrity of SGL signature furniture, these are the tips you need to remember. If you want to learn more about barn wood and rustic barn furniture, subscribe to our blog.

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