Animal funeral urns

Urnes funéraires pour animaux

Animal funeral urns

Many beings cross our path on this Earth, and some touch us in a more significant way than others. This is the case with our parents, our brothers and sisters and the close family we grew up with, as well as our spouse and children who, of course, occupy the most important place.

Friends will also leave a mark on our lives, but the indelible imprint for me, in my child’s heart, will be left by an entirely different relationship: the most vivid memory related to the loss of my pet.

My heart first broke when I was ten years old, when we had to have our beloved Labrador retriever euthanized.

My parents had acquired it for my first Christmas. I only remember that the addition of my brother and sister did not change the fact that Charlie was “my dog”. I was his teacher and he was my best friend. It hurt to see him go, even though I knew it would be the end of his suffering.

In fact, I wish I could have kept it close to me forever.

At that time, the option was not available but today I discovered that we can cremate our faithful companion and keep his ashes in a funeral urn specially dedicated to this purpose. What a relief this will be for my two daughters who have several pets.

I will be very happy to be able to offer them continuity in their friendship.

A personalized service made to measure

I heard that a Quebec artisan was offering this kind of service in the area. Depending on the animal you wish to keep, you will be entitled to a personalized and customized service.

Among others, funeral urns made of barn wood at $249.95 including taxes and delivery fees, and also some set with stained glass according to the kind of animal: horse, cat, dog, bird, etc.

He can even add the medal or necklace of the loved one to the design. A well thought-out, tailor-made solution that can help dry many a tear. I must admit that I will enjoy it as much as my youngsters, just to remember the good times spent with our joyful companion.

In addition, this small aesthetic box takes up little space and does not stand out in our environment.

Creating his own line of rustic furniture and specializing in totally original decorative objects, this young artist is expanding rapidly. Funeral urns are one of his latest creations. Take a look at his website to discover his immense talent.

You can order online or contact Stephan directly to ask for more information or to let him know your specific wishes.

SGL Furniture... for an eternal memory!

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