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To be or to appear?

Être ou paraître?
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To be or to appear?

Today I’m taking a break, I’m stopping. The daily run is interrupted for a moment thanks to this 3-day weekend in May. A moment to take time to breathe, to reflect… Where do I stand? Where is my life headed?

Maybe not so far, after all. In the grip of the present, I often lose sight of the horizon… To be or to appear?

Good question… Are we not simply the result of our choices?

I become the person I am, as a result of the selection of my values, my beliefs and my tastes. But even more by the action I take, following this selection.

In other words, gestures speak even louder than thoughts or words. Thus, by putting my energies on appearances, in order to obtain the approval of my close relations, I often miss the essential, of what I really want to achieve.

Sometimes patience and perseverance lead far beyond immediate gratification. This is also true in my personal environment… Am I chasing the latest fashion trend?

Or do I take the time to study my needs versus my desires? Social media (yes, I’m aware I’m a part of it) and advertisements constantly entice me to convince me of immediate needs.

It is important to tread carefully in these troubled and turbulent waters of the electronic world. Take the time to breathe in and stop… To be or to appear?

Local company

How many times have I had the impression that a certain proposed direction would finally allow me to By… be?

In terms of consumption, wouldn’t it be more efficient and rewarding, at least in relation to my values, to encourage local industry? Support the local artisans who create real little masterpieces, right next door?

Yes, there is a temptation to simply settle for the ephemeral nod to contemporary beauty that ready-to-assemble “boxed furniture” offers. But I realize that their lifespan is only matched by their appeal.

My reflection leads me to the following conclusion: Why doesn’t my immediate environment, i.e. my furniture and my interior, reflect my life choices?

By opting for Quebec consumption, I can not only ensure a healthy economy but also appreciate the quality and longevity far superior to the pleasure of assembling my “boxed furniture”.

No need to worry about service, I meet with the craftsman who listens carefully to my needs and my personal tastes, thus ensuring that I will enjoy using my furniture again. A

I will not have to replace my investment every five years, and I will be able to go back to the manufacturer with ease, should a color change or refreshment occur.

Finally, the break paid off. Being is not only the result of my choices, but it can also become the origin. Appearing is good for a while, but it quickly disappoints, and above all, it doesn’t take me very far!

At SGL Furniture… we are listening to what you are!

Thank you for reading! We hope this article has helped you!

To learn more about our products, contact us at 581-990-3635 or by email at, it will be our pleasure to advise you and especially to create your project.

See you in our next article!

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