Barn wood furniture

Meubles en bois de grange

Barn wood furniture

All aspects of our lives, such as modes of transport, diets and our homes, are experiencing new organic and ecological trends, as people become more socially and environmentally aware. Green is now considered the new black and sustainability has become more fashionable than anything else, even when it comes to furniture.

You are looking for new furniture or you want to buy some soon? If this is the case, it may be wise to consider a green solution, such as barn wood furniture. Here are some of the main reasons why Quebec barn wood furniture is a trendy and environmentally friendly option for home furnishings:

  1. Preserves natural resources

Barn wood furniture designed by Signature SGL conserves natural resources as it preserves the wood by reducing the need for re-cutting. This way, more trees will not have to be cut down to make furniture, giving the trees more time to grow.

Trees that are given more time to grow are often durable and produce quality wood. Products made from Quebec barn wood last longer and are more versatile, which means they offer good value for money as they can be used for many years.

  1. Creates fewer toxins in the watershed and less waste

Signature SGL uses not only barn wood from barn docks, sheds and other structures, but also logs that have been submerged in water for decades…

Having a long life, barn wood is a very good material for reclaimed wood furniture.

This reuse of barn wood is important because it reduces the amount of wood that is typically thrown away.

In addition, reclaimed wood reduces the need for refining chemicals used in the lumber production process. Indeed, lumber is often treated after it is harvested.

This means that using barn wood reduces the amount of harmful chemicals used in the wood industry. This is important because these chemicals can leach into the water or soil and cause watershed pollution.

  1. Recycled wood furniture saves animals

Thousands of animals live, nest and feed in the trees that are felled for timber production. Reducing the amount of new wood in demand will not only save our forests, but also save the many types of animals, such as birds, squirrels and raccoons, that depend on these trees to survive.

Every time you make a decision, think about how the decision you make will affect your life, the lives of others, and the health of the environment and atmosphere.

This will help you make an informed decision and choose what is right. It’s a good idea to consider green options when making purchasing decisions.

  1. The rustic look: the new trend in interior design

The rustic look of furniture is becoming increasingly popular, especially in Quebec where all the decorating and design magazines show how this look can make a home’s interior more beautiful.

A natural barn wood tabletop or decor from Signature SGL often gives a space that rustic, cozy, shabby look.

The clean lines of contemporary design with the warm aesthetic of barn wood create a unique new approach to country-inspired style.

Barn wood can make your home more beautiful and warm, but more importantly, it can provide great benefits to our earth. The next time you redecorate, take the time to consider whether barn wood would fit in with your home’s aesthetic.

Whether creating a rustic interior or adding antique wood accents to a modern decor, SGL’s signature barn wood furniture is the choice.

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