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Barn wood, a material with timeless rustic charm

Bois de grange, un matérial au charme rustique intemporel
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Barn wood, a material with timeless rustic charm

Barn wood furniture is becoming increasingly popular in Quebec’s interior design world. Authentic, warm, rustic and ecological, this noble material brings an undeniable richness to the interiors that welcome it.

Its worn, clean look makes it a timeless piece that stands up to both changing trends and the effects of time. Reclaimed from old Canadian and Quebec barns, some of which are over 150 years old, barn wood lets you make a piece of our heritage your own.

Barn wood beds, barn wood cabinets, authentic creations at the limit of your imagination

Barn wood shines because of its versatility and resistance, making it the material of choice for all types of furniture and even for wall coverings. The worn grain of the barn wood and its faded colors add a lot of warmth. It fits perfectly into both contemporary and rustic interiors. For the creation of furniture, the most daring craftsmen will mix different gray shades.

Barn wood is ideal for creating :

  • A headboard made of barn wood
  • A kitchen table made of barn wood
  • A small barn wood coffee table
  • A barn wood closet

Arranged sparingly and ingeniously, barn wood designs provide a balanced contrast to modern interiors. Today’s furniture and architecture tend towards controlled flat tints and minimalist decors. Barn wood, with its character and authenticity, makes a strong statement with its nuances and adds an organic feel. The plants are perfectly displayed on the barn wood surfaces.

Bringing heritage into your home with old barn wood furniture

Buying a piece of barn wood furniture is like owning a piece of Quebec history. Barn wood is salvaged from unused Canadian barns. Once recovered, the craftsman cleans the wood and applies products to protect it and enhance its qualities. Most of the boards have seen up to 150 years of history.

In addition to its historical richness, barn wood limits the production of material by simply being recovered. It is also gaining in popularity thanks to its positive impact on the environment.

Get a piece of barn wood furniture from a Quebec artisan

Meubles SGL puts Quebec’s know-how and art forward by offering furniture built by local artisans. Among the vast selection of furnishings, several creations are made with barn wood. Discover the barn wood furniture from SGL Furniture.

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