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Decorative murals, real masterpieces

Les murales décoratives, des vrais chef-d'œuvres
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Decorative murals, real masterpieces

Wooden murals have become a very interesting decorative resource to provide quality, originality and aesthetic distinction.

Wall decorations should not be limited only to paint, vinyl or plaster, it is also possible to have wooden wall decorations for the house. They are an original and innovative decorative principle that has a history of several centuries.

Wall murals are considered a key focal point in the decoration of any room. It is necessary to think that its placement implies the domination of a determined surface of the wall and of the aesthetics of the place. It will not be overshadowed by other ornamental resources.

The variety of SGL murals is very wide. They are made from various types of wood, such as barnwood, walnut, etc. There are themes that are more neutral and others that are more creative.

In both cases, wood stands out as a warm and precise material in which the artist can demonstrate his skills and mastery of the relief technique.

Barn wood murals on the theme of animals

One of the most interesting families in murals are those with an animal theme.

They offer many decorative possibilities and blend in well with the natural feel of the barn wood itself. The dimensions can be of several types, with the larger ones being predominant.

Sports-themed murals

If you want to give dynamism to the decorative set and, therefore, a more sporty character, a very interesting theme is the wooden sports murals.

SGL’s wood murals will give your home a natural, original and innovative touch. Get inspired and tell us what you would like here, anything is possible!

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