Rustic wooden table La Coureuse des Bois

Table en bois rustique La Coureuse des Bois

Rustic wooden table La Coureuse des Bois

The wind blows in a swirl near my ears, the humid air of the melt permeates my clothes. The echo of the forest resounds with familiar sounds and the conifers that surround me protect me.

Lurking in the shelter, I watch the dam carefully… its inhabitants must be about to wake up. Spring is here, the sun’s warmth will soon bring them out of their torpor, their hibernation.

This is my last hatch before returning to civilization.

La Coureuse des Bois

It was a difficult winter, as furs have become increasingly scarce since demand has increased on the Continent. Even my Iroquois friends are doing profitable business… It is a whole life that of “Coureur des Bois”. A solitary life, in communion with Nature. We come to develop an intimate relationship with her.

When I was a child, my mother used to tell me fantastic stories about nature and all that makes it up, especially the animals and plants that inhabit the forest, bringing a very special magic to it… giving it a personality, an importance in my life.

In all the time I have been doing this job, I have been able to look back on those good times and fill my heart with gratitude.

Of course, the presence of wildlife completes my sense of community, but the emotion that overwhelms me when I walk through the great forests of Quebec is unique… The particular odors which emanate from it and the richness of its flora form a symbiosis and provide a balance to my existence…

It is as if a special presence is keeping me company. This one warms my heart, like a steaming pumice in front of the lit stove. This heat that spreads gives me wings.

Yes, “La Coureuse des Bois” as I call her, she is my life companion, the one who sneaks from tree to tree, accompanying me in my travels and my adventures of trapper.

Silent and attentive, she gently whispers to me the presence of a river and whispers the secrets of the woods. Inspiring me the places frequented by the prey. I appreciate his help… I am not alone anymore!

Now this imaginary story comes to life in your homes! Thanks to Stephan L’Hébreux’s craftsmanship at Meubles SGL, the “Coureuse des Bois” was born. Made in Levis from Quebec barn wood, three inches thick, this table, by its sturdiness and simplicity, will surely charm you.

It is also available in the format you want. The beauty of its two legs, one at each end, is the result of the wood squared with an axe, which gives it an old-fashioned effect and a unique texture. It brings the past to life while impressing with its simplicity and gentleness.

Come and see how you too can communicate with Nature and enjoy her presence every day of the year… either in your own home, where family and friends gather over a good meal or a lively board game.

You will have a century-old witness who will inspire you by creating unforgettable memories. A warm touch, according to your measurements and specifications, in harmony with your interior and in accordance with your lifestyle.

Think about it; it is truly the spirit of your family that is at heart.


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