Wooden table: The Snow Queen

Table en bois: La Reine des Neiges

Wooden table: The Snow Queen

March is coming, spring is just around the corner! Here is the sun that gently warms the white expanse that surrounds us.

It is the season of rebirth and awakening; not only for the nature that surrounds us, but also for our being numbed by the cold and darkness that have accompanied us during the last months.

What awakens my soul and makes my heart smile more than anything else are the more or less distant memories of sugar time… The buckets fill up with sap, we run through the snow up to our knees, collecting the sweet liquid!

In the distance the cabin smokes, a good aroma spreads… We quickly return to warm up near the steaming kettle, the good smell of maple water which thickens, fills the atmosphere of heat and joy.

Laughter erupts from all sides as we pass around the Coureur des Bois! Family, friends, acquaintances, all gathered for a good time and a warm taffy tasting on more or less white snow!

The process

I place my bare stick of taffy on my Snow Queen, a witness to times past, which represents a second life for our traditions and culture. Our dining room table is made from local barn wood, crafted with care and attention by a local Quebec artisan.

With his skilful hands, he managed to give a second life to this rich material. Friendly service, fast delivery and a unique piece of furniture made to our personal specifications;

Stephan L’Hébreux, a Quebec artist who takes pleasure in sharing his talent in our homes.

In doing so, it brings the joyful laughter and friendly spirit of family snack time back into our home, allowing us to create lasting memories…

Today, in Quebec, the whirlwind of life drags us further and further towards a daily indifference. A race against the clock where taking a break is not always easy.

This gives even more importance to the objects that surround us on a daily basis, which are not only part of our lives, but of our family environment. This is why it is important to be aware of our power as consumers.

Doing a small gesture in our environment, encouraging local artisans, can help our culture to endure, affirm our roots, and prolong our history.

As a witness in our homes, the wood of our maples associates the new generation with the preservation of our common history.

Proud of its origins, it will be able to develop its own traditions, well anchored on a solid base.


SGL Furniture, where memories come alive to create new ones!


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